Kevin Bay
Producer * Filmmaker * Photographer * Writer
"The stories we live by shape our reality."
With over ten years of experience, I've successfully produced feature films, documentary films, short films, published a cookbook, and provided high impact photography and music videos for artists and their brands.
As a producer I move projects from pre-production/development, package, budget and organize them for execution, then oversee all aspects of production and post-production, and continue my dedication to ensure they connect with the audiences they aim to engage.
I work as an artist and I collaborate with artists. The projects I'm attracted to reflect humanity's positive existence or compassionately bring to consciousness where we are failing.
I am a true multi-hyphenate. In addition to the work shown here, my research is published in scientific journals as a neuroscientist and a chemist, I spent years recording with musicians as a studio drummer, and I worked as a teacher of the English language in the United States and abroad.
Kevin Bay